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Interior design for your business

Since 1963 Falegnameria Tosi from Bovolone (VR) offers quality wood craftsmanship with the production of furnishings and furniture for interiors and exteriors. Our offer also extends to shops and businesses.

The latter have special needs in terms of design, precisely because the image we want to convey to our customers is at stake. Our artisans will be able to offer unique solutions for your furniture: put your trust in us!

We create interiors for shops and commercial activities

We put our trusted interior designers at your disposal, in order to get the most out of your exhibition spaces. We do not only build furniture, but we also deal with contract furniture, guaranteeing accurate studies at the base of our work.

Nothing should be left to chance: we will only use the best construction materials and will take the functionality of the overall elements into particular consideration. Keep us informed of your needs: we will help you to give them an unmistakable style and shape.

We are at your disposal

Falegnameria Tosi has been working for many years to create custom furniture for shops and commercial businesses. At our workshop in Bovolone in the province of Verona you will find expert artisans and designers ready to make your rooms unique.

Would you like to have more information on how we work or do you want to let us know about your projects? Get in touch with us right now. You will speak directly with our staff by phone or email; also ask for your free quote.


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